Monday, December 14, 2009

A Double Shot Of Espresso, with a side of Award Nomination!!

Today is a great day! I feel like I've been injected with a double shot of espresso.
I have been taking a break from the @OfKingsAndGods Saga.

In October, I had been furiously editing on Caenus 2.0, tentatively named Caenus And The Return To Ares' Alter (the first book in the series was Caenus And The Quiver Of Artemis.

Then in November I shifted gears to launch my alter ego, @ScottNoir-- Scott Noir's Smoldering Prose who writes Steam-Up-Your-Glasses Romance.

It was during November (National Novel Writing Month- NaNoWriMo) that I participated in and won NaNoWriMo. penning 50,000 words in less than 30 days!! Here's a link to my event recap. Now in December I'm reconnecting with friends and family after a tumultuous estrangement in November. Anyone who participated in NaNoWriMo knows what I'm talking about. A writer can spend great spans of time in solitary confinement, writing their little heart away.

Sooo, today a couple of things happened that gave me a little shot in the arm. First I hit 1,000 tweets on my @OfKingsAndGods Twitter page. That's a milestone of sorts. And, sure... there are others who tweet way more than I do. But I'm proud of my production. My tweets are quality. I'm not just hooked up to some automated tweeter.

Secondly, I recently discovered that my debut novel, Caenus And The Quiver Of Artemis had been nominated for a the 2009 Cybils Award for YA Fantasy and Science Fiction. Wooo-Hooo!!! I am humbled and honored to be mentioned in the same breath with some of the books and authors on the list!!

Happy!! Happy!! What a way to celebrate a recently observed birthday... 39 years strong and young am I. Cheers to all and enjoy your Holiday Season!