Thursday, November 18, 2010

ARTFUL THURSDAY: Many Shades of Minotaur- Grabbing Art By The Horns

So, I was doing some research for a post soon to come about Pyanopsion (Ancient Greek lunar month of October to November) and a festival held therein called Pyanopsia which Theseus began in honor of Apollo's aid in killing the dreaded Minotaur. Then I read a post by a writerly friend named Amalia Dillin who happens to be a Theseus scholar as well as a fantastic writer. And in her post she retold a bit of the Theseus and Minotaur myth from Ariadne's POV. Do click through to her post above.

At any rate, I decided to put the Minotaur in front of the spyglass and see what sort of art I could dig up. Truly, a half-man/ half-bull can conjure soooooo many interpretations. The Cretan beast has been immortalized from Greek myth all the way to video games. Enjoy.