Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TUESDAY TIDBITS: Writing The Blockbuster Novel

I ran across these videos of Robin Rice talking about How To Write a Blockbuster Novel. And in this series of videos, she quotes from Al Zuckerman. Al Zuckerman's book is called Writing The Blockbuster Novel. The points made are pretty powerful.

The following videos emphasize 2-5. Here are the steps in their entirety.
1) Story must have High Stakes... for person, city, country, world
2) Characters must be larger than life... doing something extraordinary
3) There must be a dramatic question... an overreaching question that affects the entire world the characters inhabit
4) Must be high concept... characters do some really out of the ordinary things
5) Multiple points of view... must be able to experience the dilemma on multiple levels

So what do you think? What makes a blockbuster novel? Do you agree with the points above? Do you have anything to add?