Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TUESDAY TIDBITS: Congratulations to ALL NaNo Wrimo-ers- Win or Lose!

(Reposted from Nov 30th, Nano Wrimo 2009)
Humor me... consider the following images...

What do they have in common? The views are amazing, are they not?
The view from the top of anything is always the most glorious. It is precisely this view that drives, dare I say, dares the adventurous to climb. The end... justifies the means.

As breathtaking as the views are from the destination you sought through the climb, it is the journey itself that holds the lion's share of rewards.

For NaNoWriMo... it's the joy of meeting small #writegoals and #goalwars... It's the joy of making friends (NaNoBuddies) along the way- the camaraderie born of a common struggle... And, it's certainly the joy of pushing yourself past limits you thought impassable.

We are not judged in life by achievements alone, but by the obstacles we've overcome along the way. Walking a thousand in-line stairs to the top, while significant, pales in comparison to taking a thousand steps on a winding path through uneven terrain, rocks, mud, fallen trees, and thorny brush. The person who stands atop the summit in clean clothes will never feel as good as the person who crowns the peak in tattered clothes torn by turmoil.

Win or lose, everyone's NaNoWriMo experience was different. And everyone's experience counts! And even if you only got half way up the mountain, there are things you learned about yourself. And you are better for even beginning the trek. I salute all those who even began the climb. If I had known in the early morning hours of November 1st what I know now... there is no telling into how many languages I could have translated "FORGET THIS!!"

But as I look back down the mountain I just climbed... I feel so much better for having done it.