Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can We Guess Your Character's Age? Blogfest.

Thank you so much to Brenda Drake over at Brenda Drake Writes... for hosting this awesomesauce Blogfest. Here's the Blogfest rules in a nutshell. Post the first 250 words of your finished, or not quite finished, manuscript (any genre) to your blogs. This contest is about voice--whether or not your character's voice matches his or her age. From December 8th-9th hop around each others' blogs and try to guess the age of the character, give critiques, or praise. 

It's been a while since I participated in a Blogfest and I'm glad to be back on the circuit with a new WIP.
So here's my entry:

The distance between darkness and light was a nano-moment, my mother once told me. A sliver of space. The breadth of a strand of hair. I hadn’t known what she’d meant until that day. And still wished I hadn’t.

Earlier that morning, I trudged back up a darkened beach, digging my toes in with each step. Visions of pearl-skinned sea nymphs still danced in my head and I smiled.

“C’mon, Zeus,” Anytos called.

I held a finger in the air.

"Zeus, seriously," he insisted.

"Wait. Hold on." I closed my eyes to enjoy the images of the sea nymphs. Just a moment more. 

"Zeus!" He sliced sideways through my memories. “Sun’s nearly up. We don’t have much time!” Tos stood at the top of a dune calling down.

“I’m coming.” 

Life had been easy. All except the pre-dawn runs every morning. Hated them. I couldn’t wait to get back to the goats I tended with my mother. Against her wishes, I’d named each one. That’s why she never let me slaughter them for food. Or rather, why I never participated. 

There was nothing too terribly stressful about goat herding. They were a self-sufficient lot. Sometimes watching them was like watching the sun crawl across the sky. And, it had been in those moments that my mind wandered. 

I’d always felt like I could do more. Be more. Something inside of me clawed for the extraordinary. Yet I had to face that I’d likely never leave Crete.