Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Tribute Teaser from DRAWN

This is a Mothers Day Tribute Teaser from my upcoming release, DRAWN. Enjoy. 

“Son, you can’t always tell. Take your mother, for instance. Not everyone knew she was sick. They couldn’t really tell until right at the very en…” His words trail off and he covers his mouth. “Excuse me.” He stands and rounds the couch to head to the bathroom.
            I lean back and close my eyes. An image of Mom appears. Her tumble of hair, like spun gold, contrasts her mocha-hued skin. As a fashion blogger, some couture houses sent her free and discounted clothes, which she wore proudly. In my vision, Mom twirls in a candy apple red, ruffled ball gown for a Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Art Gala… showing Mr. Cassisi’s art.
            Dad returns. I sigh. Actually, it’s more of a groan.
            Dad offers me a handkerchief, pointing to my cheek. I hadn’t even realized a tear was there. Numb, I guess.
            “What the hell, Dad? I mean really, why is everyone being taken from me?” More tears threaten. The lump in my throat nearly closes my airway.
            After a deep breath, Dad wraps his arms around me. Memories of Mr. Cassisi and Mom collide like storm fronts and tears spill down my cheeks, dampening Dad’s shirt at the shoulder.
            “I’m still here, son. We’ll face it together. You and me. Promise.” He stands. “You want anything to drink?”
            “Yeah, I’ll take a double on the rocks.”
            “One tall glass of water with ice coming up.”
            I follow him to the kitchen. My vision hazes from unspent tears. “Dad, can I ask you a question?”
            He leans on the counter like he’s steadying himself. “Anything, you know that. That was our rule, right? No secrets. No trap doors.”
            I press my lips tight, unsure if my mouth will even form the words. Then it tumbles out. “You know how Orpheus descended into the Underworld to save Eurydice?”
            He nods. “Sure. We have a painting to that effect at the museum.”
            “If you had the chance to––”
            “Stop right there.” He holds his hand up, the one still bearing his wedding ring. You don’t even have to finish.” He sighs so hard, and his dark eyes swim with tears. “I would risk death every single day and three times on Friday to rescue your mother if I could. To hold her hand again. To gaze into her eyes.” His voice cracks in a whisper. “To twirl my fingers in her golden locks again.”
            He wipes the corner of his eye and continues, “Our love transcends death, Cameron. Energy never dies. It simply transfers from one existence to another.” He sniffles. “And besides, I’d never fear dying while trying to save her because either way, we win.”


Hope you enjoyed the Teaser. Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there.
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