Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why Halloween Costumes Are Awesome!

The ancient world has held my soul captive for some time now. So, when It came time for me to choose a Halloween costume... well it was kind of a "duh" moment. It took me about 2... all right, maybe 3 seconds to find my perfect costume. As I put it on, I was immediately transported back to the world I write about in many of my stories.

It was kind of like "Ahhhhh, I'm home!" Angelic voices flooded my ears, a brilliant glow from Helios' fiery chariot cascaded over me, and my eyes panned the sumptuous Spartan landscape... All that without even leaving the costume store!!!

I felt like a Greek God when I put on the costume. Edit that... I WAS A GREEK GOD!! And what I'm saying to you is that the same transportation and elevation can, no I mean, WILL happen for you. 

Happy Halloweening and, as always, Let Your Inner Deity Shine Through!