Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Second Campaigner Challenge-4th Platform Building Campaign

Thank you to Rachael Harrie for putting together this Campaigner Challenge.

Using the picture below, Do one or more of the following:

  1. Write a pitch/logline for a book based on the prompts (less than 100 words)
  2. Write a short story/flash fiction piece of less than 200 words based on the prompts
  3. Write a poem with a twist using the prompts as inspiration (in less than 200 words)
  4. Write a story/poem in five sentences, each sentence based on one of the prompts
  5. Write a poem/flash fiction piece (in less than 200 words) about the water pear *without* using the words “pear”, “spoon”, or “droplet”

Pitch: When the sun goes supernova and devolves into a Black Hole, humans have 30 days until the world is swallowed up. Archeologists Gemma and Dante must overcome a huge fight and risk everything to save three of the world's most prized artifacts. But when they reach the very last rocket off the earth, there's only space for one more person.