Thursday, March 1, 2012

Artful Thursday: Helios-Let Your Light ShineOn Me

Because of such an incredibly mild winter, and the Sun just reappeared the other day after many days of hide-and-seek behind stubborn cloudbanks, I decided to reopen Artful Thursday with Helios, The Greek God of the Sun

Now as some of my readers may know, but many may not, Hyperion was the first Greek deity associated with the sun. Hyperion was one of the original twelve Titans, and Helios his son. In later Ancient Greek literature, Hyperion is always distinguished from Helios; the former was ascribed the characteristics of the 'God of Watchfulness and Wisdom', while the latter became the physical incarnation of the Sun. Hyperion plays virtually no role in Greek culture and little role in mythology, save in lists of the twelve Titans. 

And so it was, that Helios then inherited the great ball of fire from his father and became the complete personification of the fiery orb. Helios is often depicted as fiercely handsome with a bright halo of sorts encircling his head. At a certain point Apollo is also associated with the Sun and as being the God of Light, and so I will present him next week.

But for now, I present... Helios