Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenge #5 via LitStack

Thank you to Tee Tate at LitStack for posting this Flash Fiction Challenge. We were charged with writing 500 words or fewer on the following picture. Enjoy.


A solitary chill steals up my spine as I look spitefully at the pond. Fate had dealt me yet another staggering blow. The Oracle told of a handsome prince to unlock me from my wretched curse of youth ever since my knight in shining armor stranded me at the altar. Left me sitting there in a pool of unspent love. Left me crying until I’d filled the pond with sorrow. 

Another prince had fallen for me. Handsome. Dashing. I sensed his broad shoulders beneath the gleaming armor. He appeared between the hedges, hair unrestrained. Wild. He looked into my eyes across the courtyard. He knew. Heat recognized heat. He saw that I was trapped. A woman in the form of a girl. Waiting for spring, to blossom. Waiting for the kiss to loose me from my chains.

But he was stupid like the rest. I warned him to take it slow. Warned him of the stairs. But his gaze would not budge from my eyes, as the curse had been set. He stumbled on the stairs and fell to his unguarded demise. I could not save him. And his shining armor betrayed him.

So here I sit, still waiting for my prince charming. Still waiting.