Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Tag-You're It!" 4th Platform Campaign Building Campaign Event

I've been tagged by Colleen Chen. Thank you so much for considering me. I have to answer the questions posed and pass along 11 more questions to people of my choosing.

Ready? Here we go...

1. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? 

Colby or Bryce or something uncommon. Chris Ledbetter is far too common.

2. Which Greek or Roman (or other culture's mythological) deity would you be (either who you'd like to be or who you most resemble)?

Apollo. I've always liked him.

3. Would you like to marry a Vulcan?

IDK... on one hand I love reason and logic... but a Vulcan would also seem to be devoid of passion. ANd I can't deal with that. lol

4. Would you choose immortal life with the elves, or a human, mortal life with the one you love and a child-to-be?

Immortal life is definitely intriguing, what with living forever, but the beauty of our mortal life is its fleeting quality. I'd have to choose the mortal life.

5. If you had to write fan fiction, what fictional world would you choose to write in?

Ha! I'd probably set my fan fiction in Middle Earth or some ancient realm of mythology.

6. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Sure. Everyone is conspiring to do something or another.

7. What do you consider your best quality?

My ability to dream... and write those dreams down coherently. :)

8. What do you consider your worst quality?

Self doubt. 

9. Do you ever feel over-exposed on your blog?

Not too much... I suppose I put out just enough to get to know me.

10. If you were to reincarnate, what would you like to be?


11. What is your biggest pet peeve?  

IDK if I have pet peeves as such the way some people do. I will however laugh at you if you do something ignorant.

OK Here are my own questions to the next 11 Blogger Campaigners below:

1. Are you a plotter or a pantser and why?
2. Do you think you are the type of person who plans for every contingency, or do you prefer to live life how it comes?  
3. What is your favorite song and by whom? 
4. Do you sing it loudly to yourself and if so, where (shower, car, American Idol)?
5. Are you still friends with anyone you went to middle school with? 
6. What profession would you try outside of writing? 
7. How many languages do you speak? 
8. If you were an animal or creature, which would you like to be?
9. What is your favorite food? 
10. What piece of technology could you not live without? 
11. Do you have a favourite piece of furniture?

Here are the campaigners I'm tagging: