Monday, February 27, 2012

Tag~I'm It... Ooops I Did It Again... 2nd Time's A Charm... And All That Stuff

Thank you so much to Susan Roebuck for tagging me in this 11 Question extravaganza that is part of the 4th Platform Building Campaign. This is actually my second time being tagged. I'm excited to answer two sets of questions. Enjoy.

1. Herbal tea or stiff drink?

Mmmmm, that's tough. Gawd I DO love both!!! I love Green Tea... and I LOVE a good stiff margarita. Gosh, can I pass? I'm just going to say BOTH. 

2. What's the best writing advice you've ever been given?

IDK I have two bests. The first is to focus on Character first. It took me so long to understand this until I took an entire month to create character profiles before i put a word down on paper. the characters leapt off the page once I began writing. The Second, is to treat your story as a Three-Act play. And to make sure that there is something, some decision or some crisis that drives from one act to the next.

3. What's your worst writing habit?

Thesaurusing (yes thesaurus is a verb)while writing. I slap my knuckles all the time to just WRITE first and then go back later and work word choice.

4. When you're not writing, you're...?

Running. Working out. Reading.

5. What books are you reading now?

On my side table right now is 

6. What would you eat for your last supper?

chips and salsa, a HUGE steak, mashed sweet potatoes, Carne Asada, Tacos al Pastor, a bottle of really expensive Cabernet, and a HUGE goblet of Patron Silver margarita (Is that too much?)

7. What genres do you write?

YA ~ fantasy, historical, contemporary

8. What's your ultimate writing goal?

To be able to pay my bills from my writing

9. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

My most recent MC, Zeus.

10. Which book do you wish you had written?

HA! Harry Potter!!! j/k That's strictly from a commercial standpoint. You know you understand. You know you do.

11. Which film (movie) has inspired you most?


I know were supposed to tag some people after this, but I think everyone has been tagged like 5 or more times by now. Sorry for breaking the chain. I just don't want to p/o anyone by tagging them again.