Monday, January 24, 2011

Top Ten Countdown Music Blogfest

Happy Monday Everyone. This week is a big one for me, so Let's Get it Started, Let's Get It Started In Here (a little Black Eyed Peas fo ya).
Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for Counting down our top tunes of all time in the Top Ten Music Blogfest!
Music moves us. It inspires us! So in this particular blogfest all participants were charged with sharing our Top Ten Songs of all time: The Band/ Singer- The Song- The Reason it moves you.
In no particular order, here are mine:
  1. Frank Sinatra- Luck Be A Lady Tonight (Guys and Dolls)- It used to be my pregame song when I was a high school Special Teams Coordinator. Led to 3 kick returns and 1 punt return for touchdowns.
  2. Any Symphony- Overture~ Le Nozze de Figaro- The violins ring to my soul.
  3. Frank Sinatra- Fly Me To The Moon (Intro to Wall Street) because I love that movie and that version of the song
  4. Jay-Z/ Linkin Park- Numb/ Encore- They go together like champagne and orange juice.
  5. The Three Tenors (Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti) - Nessun Dorma- Goosebumps... Chills...
  6. Sade- Cherish The Day- Smooth like warm caramel
  7. Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit- This song is like injecting adrenaline straight into my veins.
  8. Dave Matthews- #41- Makes me sway involuntarily
  9. Evanescence- Bring Me To Life- Love her angelic voice against the aggressive guitars and drums
  10. P.O.D.- Alive- Because it ignites me.
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