Friday, February 11, 2011

"That's YAmore" Blogfest

Thanks to the Oasis For YA for hosting this lovey dovey mushy "That's YAmore" blogfest. Whether you write sci-fi or fantasy or dystopian or historical... it's difficult not to get caught up in a good romance. And with that in mind, this YAmore blogfest showcases, in 250 words, some of the best romantic scenes in YA WIP's anywhere in the blogosphere. Please click through the link above to visit the other participants.
This will probably be my final blogfest post from my Caenus WIP. (subsequent blogfests will likely feature other WIP's I have in the cooker.) In this scene, Caenus, who has been doggedly pursuing Adriande, finally gets his chance to kiss her.

Caenus and Adriande walked through one of the six arched openings to the ornately constructed fountain. Torches illuminated their steps. They descended a short stairwell to the basins to withdraw some water.
Cupping their hands and dipping them into the basin, they both took a few sips of water and then paused for a moment, turning to face one another in the half-light. Caenus tensed, sensing the perfect moment had come. His gaze locked on her. Neither moved an inch.
Go for it. It won’t get any better than this. Caenus grabbed her right hand with his left. He waited. She didn’t jerk away.
He extended his right hand upward. Caressing her shoulder, he slowly moved his hand to the back of her neck. Pulling her close, the space between them evaporated and their lips grazed several times before joining. A slight jolt of energy shocked Caenus, and held him frozen as she returned his kiss. His heart beat faster. She stole his breath.
Their lips broke contact. He inhaled deeply. Completely enveloped in her rose-petal and honeyed essence, Caenus struggled for words, but found none. After staring at one another for a collection of moments, Adriande giggled.
“You do something to me, Caenus of Iolkos,” she breathed.
When Caenus finally caught his breath, he responded, “Likewise.”
Adriande threw her arms around his neck and squeezed tightly. The embrace lingered as they simply enjoyed the closeness.
 “I’ll make you deal, Caenus. If you can win the games, perhaps I’ll come visit your Iolkos.”