Thursday, March 3, 2011

Demeter- A Mother's Love... Artful Thursday

Spring is peeking it's head up from a long hibernation. Green grass appears where frost had turned it into winter wheat. Buds are forming anew on trees who'd wept their weight in lost leaves. Yes, in many areas in the northern hemisphere, Spring is just around the corner. As I look around my own city of Wilmington, NC, I see the ugly reminders of winter... bare trees, brown grass, et al... but I know that the annual Azalea Festival is in one month. And if you've never been or never seen, it's a sight to behold because azaleas are in full bloom and full regalia. More on that later.

But, it is the coming of spring that influences this Artful Thursday post on Demeter, Greek Goddess of Bountiful Harvest. Of course many of my readers are familiar with the myth in which Hades abducted Persephone, Demeter's daughter, and tricked her into staying in the Underworld for six months. And while she was down there, Demeter was so distraught that she neglected her duties to bring fertility to the Earth and nothing grew. That, my friends is how we have our seasons. Stay tuned for a more in depth post on young Persephone later.

So, without further ado... Demeter.