Saturday, October 2, 2010

"They're People Too" Blogfest Entry

 Thank you to Tessa Conte over at "Tessa's Blurb" for hosting this blogfest entitled "They're People Too!" In this blogfest we were charged with personifying an abstract concept. As some who've read my snippits before can attest, I like bringing the weather to life.
 The following entry is from my third book in my "Caenus" trilogy. 
At the Iolkosian base on the shores of Ares’ Altar, campfires pitched flames skyward as guardsmen gazed, keeping vigilant watch for any movement.  Their eyes, great deceivers, told them the untruth that all was calm. Only their fluttering hearts could have detected reality. All but too late, as if they realistically had had a chance to defend themselves at all.
            With shocking brutality, Boreas, the vicious winged god of the north wind combined with Kaikos, god of the northeast wind, and the Anemoi-Thuellai tempests, spewing a devouring compilation of storm winds down upon the Iolkosian base camp. Appearing as four, immense, ghost-white mares stampeding across the rough, uneven plain, the wicked Anemoi-Thuellai disintegrated into an invisible fury that wrought swift havoc on the unsuspecting marines and ships.
            The winds churned the earth, howling like rabid wolves, destroying everything in their paths, and tearing blades of grass from the soil.  Men flew in to the air, crashing to the ground like rain. Boreas ripped tents to shreds, leaving them to drift in the air.  The ships were pushed back over the sharp rocks, tearing the hull bottoms. Kaikos crashed the ships together like children’s toys, splinters strewn across the beachhead.  When the display of brute strength ended, nothing stood. Not a tent. Not a ship. Not a man. Nothing.
            And, as quickly as they had appeared, the winds returned from whence they’d come, clearing the night sky.  The stars shone down unhindered upon the devastation.  Selene’s moon begrudgingly illuminated the remains.