Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TUESDAY TIDBITS: A Query Conundrum

Does This Look Like You In The Query Process?

(*que Psycho music*)

Well, you're not alone. The query process is fraught with anxiety for all who still have to query. The following video does a great job of telling you what aspects of the query to focus on.

This features Elizabeth Lyon, editor extraordinaire.

Here is an additional resource for Query Writing.

To get good feedback on your queries, there are a lot of good blogs that have Query contests with real agents. That's a good chance for you to not only get your work in front of an agent who is on the hunt, but also get get constructive comments. You should be able to Google: Query Contests and get some good hits.

Below, please post your successes or warnings about queries. What worked. What hasn't worked. Remember, we're *all* works-in-progress.

Thanks for reading.